MTA Intro to Programming

5 Days

The MTA Intro to Programming certification boot camp is a 5 day comprehensive deep dive into the Programming covering topics such as foundations of software development and HTML programming. This instructor led face to face training camp will teach you the skills needed to gain knowledge to learning the basics of Programming.



Course Description

The MTA Intro to Programming boot camp incorporates Microsoft Official Courses –

40361 Software Development Fundamentals
40375 HTML5 App Development Fundamentals

While attending this training program – you take two exams to test and certify for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): Intro to Programming official certification. If your goal is to learn how to program using C# with the Visual Studio developer tool and pass the certification exams (98-361 / 98-375) – you’ve found the right place. This course is a hybrid of actual hands on learning combined with focused materials mapped to exam objectives. Click MTA Intro to Programming to download course outline.

Topics covered in this boot camp:

Understand Core Programming

Understand Object-Oriented Programming

Understand General Software Development

Understand Web Applications

Understand Desktop Applications

Understand Databases

Manage the Application Life Cycle

Build the User Interface by Using HTML5

Format the User Interface by Using CSS

Code by Using JavaScript